History teaches us not to ignore China's threat

As a Navy veteran and long-time student of the Pacific War, America faces a daunting and near disastrous challenge in the Western Pacific today in regard to Taiwan. Once again the ugly ignorance of American racism is giving our potential enemy the starting handicap in an inevitable future war. Once again Americans are not ready for the opening salvos that will come our way.

We misread the Japanese in 1941 because of our racist superiority beliefs. We misread the Chinese in 1950 and the North Vietnamese in Vietnam, so when we get our butts rightfully handed to us by the modernized Chinese military we helped to construct, we have only ourselves to blame.

It would be easy to say that not one American life is worth dying over Taiwan, but the important strategic value of the island can not be so easily dismissed. It controls all of the vital trade routes through the Western Pacific and into the Central Pacific. The issue is simple — the Chinese cannot be allowed to gain control.

We must face our current situation. Our country is brutally divided, our Pacific Fleet is absolutely broken and our military is not physically or mentally ready for a slugfest with a brutal adversary. Inclusion, wokeness and diversity will not prevail against a single people, with a single mind, united in a single cultural and emotional cause worth the death of thousands. The modern Communist Chinese Party will be the most vicious adversary we have faced since the Imperial Japanese.

If the flag goes up on a Pacific War the learning curve will be swift, shocking and horrific. We’d better learn quickly and keep the Chinese from controlling Taiwan or the reap of our sewing is going to be more bitter in our mouths than toilet water.

Daniel Rush, Bremerton

This article originally appeared on Kitsap Sun: History teaches us not to ignore China's threat