Hillary's Head Is Fine: She'll Be Back at Work Next Week

Connor Simpson
The Atlantic Wire
Hillary's Head Is Fine: She'll Be Back at Work Next Week

The questions over when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will finally testify on Benghazi have become a little clearer. Well, not really, but she's coming back to work next week. That's the first step, at least.

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Clinton has been out of the office since she bonked her head and suffered a concussion in the middle of December. But now she's on her way back to work, according to Foreign Policy's Josh Rogin. She was supposed to take the week off for the holiday season anyway, if you were wondering why it took so long for her to recover.

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Marco Rubio aide Cesar Conda reported today that Clinton will testify for the Senate Benghazi committee eventually, but it remains unclear when. Everyone has been wondering when she would be back, because some people think she was faking her illness to get out of testifying. So, you know, stop asking where and start asking when.