Hillary Clinton’s announcement skewered on ‘SNL’

On the eve of her big announcement, “Saturday Night Live” skewered Hillary Clinton in a cold-open sketch that featured the return of Darrell Hammond, the former “SNL” cast member best known for his impersonation of President Bill Clinton.

Kate McKinnon — who revived her maniacally wide-eyed portrayal of Hillary as an evil, power-obsessed politician hell-bent on returning to the White House — began by stretching out her vocal cords.

“Hillary’s a granny with a twinkle in her eye,” she said. “Hillary’s a granny and she makes an apple pie. First female president, first female president, me, me, me, me, me, me, me.”

Enter Hammond’s horn-dog Bill Clinton.

“Did someone say, ‘Women everywhere?’” he asked, as Hillary practiced her Web video. “Hillary would make a great president — and I would make an even greater first dude.”

The real Clinton, who is expected to announce her candidacy in a Web video on Sunday, is taking an intentionally low-key approach in an effort to avoid the mistakes of her failed 2008 presidential bid. Among them: her inability to personally connect with voters.

On “SNL,” Clinton was advised to tone it down after declaring on her first take, “Citizens! You will elect me! I will be your leader!”

It’s not the first time McKinnon’s Hillary impersonation has opened “SNL.” Last month, the show imagined Clinton’s response to the controversy swirling around her use of a private email account while she was secretary of state.