Hillary Clinton says she 'came across as too serious' in failed presidential bid

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stopped by The View on Wednesday along with her daughter Chelsea, and opened up about her biggest campaign regrets. Clinton was asked by co-host Abby Huntsman, “When you look back on your campaign and what Democrats today might do differently, what goes through your mind?” “I’m a serious person but I’m also a fun person,” Clinton responded. “I think I probably came across as too serious.” The former Secretary of State also shared the burden she says she felt being a woman running for president. “I really believed that my job, especially as a woman and the first woman to go as far as I did, that I had to help people feel good about a woman in the Oval Office, a woman commander-in-chief,” said Clinton. “I may have overcorrected a little bit,” she added. Clinton also acknowledged that she was at the table with two people whose families had lost presidential bids, co-hosts Abby Huntsman and Meghan McCain. Huntsman’s father, outgoing U.S. ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman Jr., ran for the office in 2012, while McCain’s father, the late Sen. John McCain, famously lost to Barack Obama in 2008. Clinton said of the loss, “It was devastating as it was, I know, for the McCain family.” McCain then joked, “I think there was more vodka involved in our election night.” “There was vodka involved every time I traveled with your dad, I’ll tell you that!” Clinton fired back. She added, “But what happens on the road stays on the road!”