Which Hillary Clinton Movie Will You Watch in 2016?

Which Hillary Clinton Movie Will You Watch in 2016?

The former Secretary of State hasn't announced whether she's going to run for president in 2016 yet, but that's not stopping movie and television executives from green-lighting projects that will capitalize on the wave of Hillary hype that will come should she enter the race. For now, Clinton is enjoying her retirement by occupying her with presidential and vice-presidential lunch dates. But considering the public's excitement for a Hillary Clinton presidential run is already high, it's not surprising that entertainment executives would try and cash in on that wave ahead of the race. Here's your preliminary guide to the Hillary-related media that will be landing in 2016, ahead of the November election, whether Hillary is running or not: 

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  • The Documentary

CNN just announced they've recruited Academy-Award winning documentary filmmaker Charles H. Ferguson, who won his Oscar in 2010 for Inside Job, the movie about the financial crisis, to direct a movie about Clinton's life. The movie will apparently air in select theaters, and on CNN, of course. 

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  • The "Event" Mini-Series

NBC chairman Robert Greenblatt announced the network would produce a four part "event" miniseries, like the wildly popular Under the Dome, about Clinton's life from the Monica Lewinsky scandal to her time as secretary of state. Dianne Lane will play Hillary, though some think she's too sexy for the job. (We disagree, for the record.)

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  • The Major Motion Picture

There's a movie in the works call Rodham, directed by James Ponsoldt, and starring, well, we don't know that yet. The script is apparently great, and the movie will cover the younger years of her life when she was still wet behind the ears politically, before she was the secretary of state, or a senator, or the first lady. (The Atlantic Wire will have more about this project later this week, so stay tuned.)

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All Clinton needs is a Netflix series order and she's got the quadfecta. So that's what you can expect from the already crowded schedule of Hillary-related offerings in 2016. The scary part is that two of those projects were announced within the last three days, and it's still 2013. There's more than enough time for duplicates and copycats to show up. Heck, we'd bet on it happening.