Hillary Clinton Chooses Snoop Dogg As Her First Post-Election Twitter Follow

Kimberly Ricci

Getty Image

Hillary Clinton’s kept an understandably low profile since losing the election to Donald Trump. Her campaign team will join in recount efforts in every state where a petition is successfully filed by Jill Stein. However, Clinton will likely distance herself from these efforts and maintain her current routine of shying away from the limelight unless someone happens to catch her in dog-walking mode. This provides a nice transition for Clinton’s first post-election follow on Twitter, and those honors go to none other than Snoop Dogg. Writer Stefan Becket nabbed some screenshot evidence.

Not only did he notice that Hill Dog followed Snoop Dogg, but it also appears that this was a follow-back scenario. Those instances of noticing celebrity follow are always the coolest moments of Twitter. I bet even Hillary gets a little giddy at times like these, and how could one not follow Snoop back? Most of us will never know this dilemma.

However, this wasn’t technically the first time she’s surfaced on Twitter since the election. On Thanksgiving Day, Hillary popped onto the social media site to thank her supporters for posting these “heartwarming” signs in her Chappaqua, NY neighborhood.

Snoop partially (sort of) blamed himself in the aftermath of Hillary’s surprising loss, but he should rest assured that many factors were to blame. There’s no one reason why Hillary wasn’t the winning candidate, and perhaps the Democrats will listen to Michael Moore next time around. It couldn’t hurt.