Hillary Clinton and Stephen Colbert go toe-to-toe in name-dropping battle

Mike Krumboltz, Yahoo News

One is a former first lady, former United States senator, former secretary of state, best-selling author and perhaps future presidential candidate. The other is a faux-blowhard talk show host.

OK, so we all know who has the more impressive resumé. But there's an even more important question to be answered: Who is better at name-dropping?

Hillary Clinton and Stephen Colbert put their talents to the test in a one-on-one battle of "Oh, I just happened to be hanging out with ..." one-upmanship.

The pseudofeud started when Colbert pointed out that the audio version of Clinton's memoir, "Hard Choices," features a slew of references to the famous and powerful. Colbert took mock affront to Clinton's name-dropping, and the two decided to settle the beef by seeing who could weave the names of the most celebrities into a supposedly casual conversation.

And it's a heckuva fight. Clinton starts out strong, but, like Rocky on the ropes, Colbert fights back. If you ask us, the battle is almost too close to call, but we gotta give the edge to Clinton for casually mentioning that she's met Bill Clinton.

Who knew?

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