Hilarious Viral Video Mocks Saudi Arabia's Ban on Women Drivers

Takepart.comOctober 26, 2013

Yesterday some Saudi Arabian activists called off the nationwide protest against the country's ban on women drivers under threats of retaliation.

However, headlines today report that approximately 60 women in the country still participated by driving their own cars, giving the proverbial middle finger to Saudi's patriarchal constructs. 

The country has no official law that explicitly bans female drivers, but only men are issued licenses and in the past, women caught behind the wheel have been ticketed, arrested or worse. However, despite the threats of legal consequences against them, none of the women who drove today reported being stopped or detained. 

It was nothing less than a brave effort on their part, and joining their fight is Saudi-born artist and social activist Hisham Fageeh, who posted the above Youtube video today as a way to show his support.

Set to Bob Marley's "No Woman, No Cry", Fageeh sings "No Woman, No Drive"—a parody song that lambasts the excuses used to keep women in his home country from exercising their physical freedom, including the notion that driving is bad for their ovaries

The opening lyrics read:

Say I remember, when you used to sit/

In the family car—but backseat/

Ova-ovaries all safe and well/

So you can make lots and lots of babies.

Since posting the video this morning, Fageeh's song has gone viral, racking up over 200,00 hits and making it to the front page of Reddit.

Youtube has become a popular means of social protest, an easily accessible way for users to bring international attention to human rights injustices. Last month, another viral video, this time out of India, criticized the country's rape culture by promoting the satirical message that, "Ladies, It's Your Fault."

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