Hikers Attempt to Escape Wildfire in Glacier National Park by Driving Through It

A father and son had a miraculous escape from a wildfire in Glacier National Park in Montana on August 12, when they were forced to drive through the flames, dodging debris and enduring an increasingly hot car.

He shared the video on Facebook with the following post:

“We were camped 2.5 up the North Macdonald Trail when we saw the then small Howe Ridge Fire began to spread from 5 acres to over 2000 in a matter of hours.

We hiked back to the car to get out where it was parked at the end of a dead end road. We had just driven this road (safely) 3 hours before to get in and it was our only way out, apart from trying to stay ahead of the fire on foot. After we were stopped by the downed tree, we reversed back through all of this and were rescued by two park employees on a boat. They saved our lives."

Storyful has reached out to Glacier National Park staff for comment, and will update this article with any response accordingly. Credit: Justin Bilton via Storyful