High school children help Kentucky flood victims

STORY: [Chelsea Stacy, Hazard High School student]

"So we are helping the flood victims that were affected by the Appalachian Flood. We have cleaning supplies and water and we did have baby supplies. But we're just helping out and making sure that everybody has what they need."

These high school students are helping flood victims in Kentucky

Location: Hazard, Kentucky

Residents were left displaced

after days of heavy rain swept away homes and vehicles

A spell of dangerously hot weather is also expected to hit the area

with temperatures peaking near 100 °F

[Chelsea Stacy, Hazard High School student]

"We're kids, and we just... I've had friends that have lost everything, and knowing that has really just... Like I haven't been affected, and I thank God for that. But there are people who have lost everything, and it has broken me, and it has broken other people.’’

[Eli Johnson, Hazard High School student]

"I'm here to help. Nobody here has to be here. But we all just want to be here and volunteer and just help out the community as much as we can. Some of us, we may not be able to drive and go places like other people, but least we can do is come out here and volunteer and help the community out, so."

[Helen Williams, flood victims help coordinator, Hazard High School]

"And I guess my biggest plea would be this isn't going to be over in a week or two. We're talking about months and years, but definitely months down the road when we're still going to have people who still don't have a place to live, who are still going to be without water or power for months until that's able to be restored. Those are the people we're going to still keep taking things out to and taking water out to and getting food out to them and making sure they have their medicines, medical equipment, whatever's needed.