Hey slacker: You could still get into these schools for this fall! [SLIDESHOW]

Not too long ago, The Daily Caller offered for your consideration a list of 13 surprisingly hot undergraduate schools. That was then.

Now, as summer approaches, and as admissions staffs around the country scurry feverishly to fill freshman classes, TheDC offers this slideshow of notable colleges and universities that still — still – have spots available for the fall.

This sampling of schools comes from a much larger list of schools compiled by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC). Each year, NACAC publishes a list of all its member schools that are still accepting applications for first-year or transfer students for next fall.

Every school in this slideshow has continued to accept qualified freshmen (and most are also accepting transfer applications) as of May. So, if you — or your kid, or some kid you know — failed to get into your first-choice school (or your second- or third-choice), check out these schools. All range from quite good to downright stellar.

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Hey slacker: You could still get into these schools for this fall! [SLIDESHOW]

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