Hey, Look, It's Bearded Larry David vs. Jon Hamm in Larry David's HBO Movie

Esther Zuckerman

In a match of whining between Larry David and Jon Hamm, David would certainly win. In a match of handsomeness, we'd have to give it to Hamm. But who will prevail in David's upcoming HBO film Clear History

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The first full trailer sets up the basic premise, which involves a major conflict between this majorly odd couple. David—bedecked bizarrely in long hair and a scraggly beard—sells his shares of an electric car company because he hates Hamm's name for the car, The Howard. Years later, the two meet again, but Hamm does not recognize David, who now looks like Larry David. David sets out to take his revenge. "[David's character is a] loser — he had a chance early on in his life to be a huge success and he blows it," director Greg Mottola told Jarett Wieselman of ET"Essentially, he's haunted, forever, by having made an enemy of the most perfect person on the planet, [played by] Jon Hamm — who is handsome, intelligent, successful, a great person and Larry basically represents the rest of us." The thought of Larry David representing us is a little depressing, but, hey. 

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A lot of other people are in this movie, including J.B. Smoove, Michael Keaton, Bill Hader, Eva Mendes, and Kate Hudson. Clear History premieres August 10 on HBO. 

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