Cat Lovers Want Real Version of This April Fools’ IKEA Joke Couch


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Is what started as an April Fools’ joke about to turn into a real new product for IKEA? 

A day after ApartmentTherapy tricked readers into believing IKEA is releasing a cat-proof couch — called, naturally, “The KÄT” — IKEA is learning that people are actually clawing for feline-friendly furniture.


Behold, the IKEA KÄT sofa, which — sadly — is a figment of the imagination. For now. (Photo: Apartment Therapy)

In its April Fools’ Day post, Apartment Therapy trumpeted IKEA’s “announcement” of the KÄT — a sofa with normal cushions and a base of corrugated cardboard that cats can use to sharpen their claws. IKEA was testing the product in Japan, said the spoof article, after a year-long study on how people live with their pets.

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The post was quickly revealed to be an April Fools’ joke. But judging by the Twitter response, a lot of people out there are ready to take this KÄT home:


IKEA even tweeted a shout-out to the gag (check out Apartment Therapy’s response):


Despite the demand, IKEA tells us that as far as the KÄT couch goes, they’re going to sit on the idea.

“While we do a lot of research on how people live their lives at home around the world, we don’t have any pet-related products in our current range,” IKEA spokesperson Mona Liss tells Yahoo Makers. But she adds: “As for the future, who knows? IKEA is full of surprises.”

So maybe, just maybe, in the far-off future, you’ll see a KÄT couch in an IKEA catalogue. And you’ll be able to ask yourself: “What is this — some kind of joke?” 

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