Heroic Ukrainian pilot dies in Donetsk Oblast, diverting his damaged plane away from residential buildings

Danylo Murashko, the pilot of Ukraine's Air Force died while performing a combat mission in Kramatorsk district, Donetsk Oblast, on 27 January.

Source: 299th Tactical Aviation Brigade named after Lieutenant General Vasyl Nikiforov on Facebook

Details: Danylo's comrades said they bid farewell to Murashko on 30 January.

It is stated that Danylo Hennadiiovych Murashko [born 10.08.1998], a commander of an aviation squadron, has carried out 141 combat missions since the start of the full-scale invasion of Russian forces.

According to his comrades, while operating under severe conditions of Russian anti-aircraft defence and fighter jets, he destroyed about 70 units of armoured vehicles, more than 80 motor vehicles, around 30 tankers with fuel-and-oil materials, and approximately 600 Russian military personnel.

Thanks to his skilful actions, the pilot avoided Russian aerial and missile attacks many times.

For his outstanding achievements in the fight with the Russian army, Danylo was awarded with 3rd Class Order of Bohdan Khmelnitskyy [Ukraine's highest military award].

Danylo's plane was hit by a Russian fighter jet while he was performing a combat mission on 27 January.

Quote: "Having seen the settlement of Shabelivka below, the pilot was trying to take the plane away from residential areas till the last moment, despite the low altitude of flight. Because of this, he lost altitude even more, and, not being able to eject safely, died a hero's death.

For the personal courage and bravery shown in the defence of state interests, strengthening the defence capability and security of Ukraine, command of his military unit suggested that Major Murashko Danylo Hennadiiovych be awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine (posthumously)".

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