Hero dog refused to stop barking until family noticed spreading fire, Florida cops say

One very stubborn dog is credited with saving a Florida family’s home, when it refused to stop barking until someone noticed fire was spreading across their farm.

It happened just before noon on Tuesday, April 4, in Westville and the Walton County Sheriff’s Office is not shy about saying the dog is a hero. Westville is in the Panhandle, 100 miles northwest of Tallahassee.

“The Walton County Sheriff’s Office communications center received a 911 call from a teenager who stated he was home alone and heard his dog barking,” the sheriff’s office said in a news release.

“When he looked outside to see what the dog was barking at, he saw flames coming from a barn housing several fowl.”

The family “lost several animals in the fire,” the Walton County Sheriff’s Office says.
The family “lost several animals in the fire,” the Walton County Sheriff’s Office says.

Walton County Fire Rescue and the Liberty Volunteer Fire Department arrived “within minutes” and found the barn fully engulfed “and the fire spreading into the woods.”

It took half an hour to gain control of the blaze, and firefighters were able to save nearby structures, including the family’s home, officials said.

“Sadly, this family lost several animals in the fire,” Walton County Sheriff Michael Adkinson said in the release.

“However, if it weren’t for the dog’s guardian instincts and the son’s quick action, this situation could have ended much worse.”

Investigators believe the fire was electrical in origin and started in the barn.

Details about the dog, including its name and breed, were not released, much to the frustration of commenters on social media.

“It’s a real life Lassie!” Josie Mullin wrote on Facebook.

“He deserves a cooked steak chopped up with no bone!” Donna Wellington posted.

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