Hero Bus Driver Abandons Route To Save Life Of Boy With Nut Allergy


A London bus driver has been branded a hero after he diverted his bus to help a teenager who was having a severe allergic reaction.

James Rossi has been told that his actions saved the life of the unnamed 17-year-old.

The boy, who boarded the 268 bus in Hampstead, north London, is believed to have been having a reaction to nuts after eating a snack bar.

After the teenager told Rossi that he needed to get home to Golders Green, the bus driver decided to take a short cut.

Telling passengers that he would not be stopping, he made it to the boy’s home in half the time.

Rossi said: “After I’d dropped him off, I just thought he’s OK and I carried on with my day, I was really oblivious to how important the issue was.

“According to his mum, if I hadn’t have got him home as quickly as I did, he would have died.”


He told the Ham&High newspaper: “I didn’t know it was a life or death situation but I knew it was important, I knew I had to do something.

“His face was bright red and puffy and his eyes were bloodshot and watering, so when he told me he had to get home, I just said no problem, shut the door and off we went.”

And he continued: “I told the passengers that we were going straight to Golders Green and that I was only dropping off.

“They were all very good about it.”

After being describe as a hero, Rossi played down his role. He said: “I’m just doing good deeds and as a good person you should always get involved when you can.”

(Credit: James Rossi/Facebook)