Herman Cain's Other Special Relationships

Eric Randall
Herman Cain's Other Special Relationships

We're not sure Herman Cain would like this commenter's newer, sexier version of his foreign policy map. People have had quite a bit of fun with Cain's very-much-not-a-joke map of the world, in which he assigns several countries pithy phrases to describe the U.S. relationship with them. Even before the #OtherHermanCainCountries hashtag got started on Twitter, (with great additions like "Hungary: Not after a Godfather's Large Pizza!") one commenter, Philip Bagley, decided to assign Cain-like epithets to the names of women who have accused him of sexual harassment or infidelity in the past few months. Bagley comments:

My Assessment of Herman's Key Relations

Ginger White - special relationship Karen Kraushaarr - adversary regime Sharon Bialek - danger and opportunity Donna Donella - strategic partner

Media - rival

So congrats, Philip Bagley, for penning our comment of the day.