Here’s the ten jobs most at risk from artificial intelligence (and it's bad news if you're in telesales)

AI(Artificial Intelligence (Getty)
AI(Artificial Intelligence (Getty)

Within 15 years, half of all current jobs will be taken over by AI – and workers in telesales will be among the first in the firing line.

Kai-Fu Lee author of AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order said, ‘People aren’t really fully aware of the effect AI will have on their jobs.’

Likening many current jobs to the roles of farmers in the Industrial Revolution, he wanred that telemarketers, people in customer support roles and cashiers will soon see their jobs replaced by human-like AI.

He also suggested that warehouse workers, clerks, telephone operators, fast food workers, dish washers and couriers will be among the first to go, the Daily Mail reports.

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He says, ‘You’ve probably already received robo-calls, but future calls will be more natural,’ he says.

‘AI can use customer profiles, past purchases, and emotional recognition to find ways to appeal to them – even using a soothing female voice or a persuasive male voice.’

He says that some jobs, such as psychologists and tour guides, which rely on complex human-to-human interactions, will largely be ‘immune’ .

‘AI is powerful and adaptable, but it can’t do everything that humans do.’

‘Human to human interaction is safe, providing comfort and satisfaction is safe.

The ten jobs most at risk

Customer support
Dish washer
Assembly line manager
Telephone operator
Warehouse worker
Fast food worker

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