Here's What Facebook's 'Want' Button Will Probably Look Like

Samantha Murphy
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Here's What Facebook's 'Want' Button Will Probably Look Like

1. Fanta

It's been said that is that would allow you to add products to a virtual wish list, and now we have a glimpse at what the icon could look like.

Tom Waddington, a web developer who recently found a disabled Want button included in Facebook's Javascript coding list of social plug-ins, told Mashable that the social network has been actively working on the feature. He embedded the code last week onto and it has since turned from an error code into a clickable "Want" button. (See below for image).

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"The button has been updated since last week, so it's definitely been worked on," Waddington said. "This shows that it's still under active development, rather than being a ditched project."

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With a Want button, in addition to existing plug-ins such as Subscribe and the Like button, Facebook friends would likely be able to see items others in their network want to purchase.

Waddington has also found a series of new coding actions that would allow users to share product purchases, charitable donations or items purchased within Facebook games to profile pages and Timeline.

“The fact the code contains references to ‘socialcommerce’ is a sign that they’re taking it seriously,” Waddington said. “In the same way music, news and videos are shared on the site, Facebook is planning to allow users to share both Wants and Purchases, from items bought within games to donations.”

Although Facebook hasn't addressed the new coding, it told Mashable in a statement last week that it continued to develop new features.

“We're always looking for new features for the platform,” Facebook said. “However, we have nothing new to announce.”

What do you think of the "Want" button? Will it be a hit on the site? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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