Here's everything we know so far about Tesla's Cybertruck

  • New videos of the Tesla Cybertruck feature a show-stopping interior with a full glass roof.

  • Videos of the electric truck's power frunk have quelled some early critics.

  • The Cybertruck probably won't be cheap.

With about a week left until Tesla finally delivers the first 10 Cybertrucks, peeks inside the futuristic electric truck are popping up more online.

Several TikTok videos have surfaced over the past few days giving snippets of the interior of the Cybertruck, which appear to feature a massive glass roof.

Prior to these posts, all we have seen of the inside of the Cybertruck is a picture of the dashboard and infotainment screen, which left some fans of the truck feeling disappointed.

The Tesla Cybertruck was first revealed to much fanfare in 2019, and its release has been pushed back several times since then. Production on the truck finally started at the Texas Gigafactory earlier this year, and Tesla set the date for the release party on November 30.

At this event, the first 10 trucks will be delivered to their owners. Before that, order-holders are relying on a series of sightings in the wild to piece together exactly what they are buying.

What's inside the Cybertruck?

From what we've seen of the dashboard so far, much of the interior of the Cybertruck is surprisingly barebones. A "squircle" (squared-circle) steering wheel juts off a deep front dash and sits next to one of Tesla's signature tablet touchscreens.

More recent videos have revealed a more show-stopping interior behind the dash, with a full glass roof and angular leather seats.

In another video, which includes a walk around of the outside of the truck, the interior appears to feature an LED light bar on the front and back doors. In this video the light bar is purple, but it's possible it could be customized.

What's the deal with the frunk?

The Cybertruck's frunk — the nickname given to the extra storage space in the front of EVs where an engine would go in an ICE vehicle — caught some heat a few months ago when the first photos and videos leaked online.

The frunk appeared to be smaller in comparison to the F-150 Lightning, according to some critics.

A more recent video caught the power-frunk in action at a Tesla Supercharger, showing that the frunk opens with the grille, allowing for easier access to the storage compartment.

What about towing capacity?

A photo touting some of the specs for the Cybertruck made the rounds on an owners club forum earlier this week.

In addition to some of the specs we already knew, like shatter-resistant glass and a stainless steel exterior, the poster indicates the Cybertruck has a towing capacity of 11,000 pounds — beating out the F-150 Lightning by a thousand pounds.

The truck bed also appears to have 2,500 pounds of payload capacity.

How much will it cost?

When Tesla first revealed the Cybertruck, it was supposed to have a starting price of $39,900, with two higher-performance models that would cost $49,900 and $59,900. Those prices vanished from the Cybertruck website in 2021, and an official price has still been difficult to pin down.

But it's likely based on what Musk has said publicly about the complexity of the truck, and what's been shown in government documents, that the Cybertruck won't be cheap.

Car and Driver decoded a NHTSA document last month that indicated only dual-motor and tri-motor options will be available on the Cybertruck this year, which would carry a higher starting price than the single-motor, rear-wheel drive specification. Car and Driver's estimates on starting price are $70,000 for the dual-motor option, and $80,000 for the tri-motor.

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