Here are the best LGBTQ+ moments you missed on the Grammys red carpet

Abi Ventura boyfriend country music TJ Osborne singer songwriter Shane McAnally
Abi Ventura boyfriend country music TJ Osborne singer songwriter Shane McAnally

We're here, queer, and not going anywhere!

The 2024 Grammys had plenty of LGBTQ+ star power with many icons performing show-stopping numbers, collecting awards, and advocating for queer rights.

However, the celebration started long before the Grammys ceremony as the celebrities walked the red carpet. The Advocate interviewed plenty of titans in the industry on their vital representation and what 2024 means for the community.

First up, Pentatonix's Scott Hoying and husband Mark Hoying spilled the tea on expanding their family one day. The newlyweds got married last July in an epic ceremony and broke the Internet for all of the beautiful intricacies that made the wedding come to life.

Pentatonix's Scott Hoying & Mark Hoying Are Ready to Start a Family (Exclusive)

Speaking of couples, TJ Osborne from Brothers Osborne also walked the carpet with his adorable boyfriend Abi Ventura.

The couple has been together for a few years and they always liven up any red carpet they attend by bringing important LGBTQ+ representation to mainstream events.

"I feel like there's a lot of representation from my side for the Latino community, especially Mexican, so I feel very proud of that. [TJ] is very open-minded and an amazing person. I feel very happy to share that with others," Ventura tells The Advocate.

"It's a really easy thing to show the power of love when you're with someone you really love so much. It's amazing. It's honestly better than all of this," Osborne adds.

TJ Osborne & Abi Ventura Swoon Over Each Other on Grammys Red Carpet

This year, the Songwriter of the Year category had not just one, but two gay nominees.

Shane McAnally and Justin Tranter may not have walked away with the Grammy at the end of the night, but their queer representation in the category is still making strides for the community.

"When it comes to being a queer artists these days, luckily, we're moving in fast forward. People are really opening doors. Ultimately, it's about putting the time in and showing up. The gays are here! To be out and truly loud and proud, it means everything," McAnally says.

"Two out of the five nominees were proudly queer! It's pretty awesome. Shane McAnally's my good sis," Tranter adds.

Shane McAnally & Justin Tranter Bring LGBTQ+ Representation to Grammys Red Carpet

Paris Hilton also showed love for the gays on the Grammys red carpet.

The star revealed her sophomore album is coming this June, so she'll be hitting the road and performing for at a slew of festivals in time for Pride Month.

"I love [the gays] so much! My new album is just for you. [It's] coming out in June, so it's just in time for Pride. I'll be doing a tour in June as well, so get ready," Hilton tells Advocate.

To see all of the full interviews from the 66th Grammy Awards red carpet, check out the videos above and below.

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