Here's a new trailer for that cool-looking fantasy RPG from the Persona 5 team

Metaphor: ReFantazio is set in a fantasy world, and not a high school.

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Atlus and its subsidiary Studio Zero have finally released a new trailer for the forthcoming RPG Metaphor: ReFantazio at The Game Awards. The title’s being helmed by many of the talented folks behind Persona 5, including director Katsura Hashino and composer Shoji Meguro. The primary difference? This game takes place in a fantasy setting, with nary a high school or talking cat in sight.

The game was originally teased earlier this year, but all we had was a title and a small announcement trailer. Now this trailer is the real deal, with full voice acting, cinematics and plenty of actual gameplay. A video game trailer with actual gameplay, what a novel concept.

As for that gameplay, the combat looks similar to Persona, though without the use of the titular beasties. The game is populated by a diverse cast of characters and if you stare at the menus you can see some tell-tale signs of a robust social element at play, another similarity to the Persona series.

There’s also something of a steampunk vibe running throughout, which is always a nifty choice for a video game. Who knows, maybe there’s a sinister blue door somewhere in the world populated by a creepy old man. Metaphor: ReFantazio — The Royal Tournament, a name Square Enix would love, launches in fall of next year on Xbox X/S and PC.