Henry Cavill Weighs In On Ben Affleck As Batman

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Henry Cavill attends the 'Man of Steel' press conference at the Grand Hyatt on August 22, 2013 in Tokyo, Japan -- Getty Images

Henry Cavill's Superman could be an adversary of Ben Affleck's Batman in the upcoming "Man of Steel" sequel, but off the big screen, Henry is a fan.

Total Film chatted with Henry about his upcoming co-star, which many panned when his casting in the project was first announced.

"I'm sure he'll be fantastic, above all else, and as a filmmaker he's got his own style, you know, he's not copying anyone else. And he's also sort of been tenacious in his career," the "Man of Steel" star said.

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According to Henry, Ben's career dips ("Gigli" anyone?) only make him stronger.

"He's had ups followed by downs and now he's very up again and I think that requires and shows a very special strength of character, and it's something which I enjoy working with because jobs like this require a strength of character," Henry continued "They require a dedication to the work and a belief in oneself and Ben has that, clearly."

The "Man of Steel" sequel is set to fly into theaters on July 17, 2015.

-- Jesse Spero

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