Henry Cavill dons Clark Kent duds for Twitter

AFP Relax NewsJuly 1, 2014
Henry Cavill, as Clark Kent, holds up a shirt in support of the Royal Marine Challenge.

British actor Henry Cavill gave fans a glimpse of his upcoming "Batman v Superman" alter ego, Clark Kent, in an image posted to Twitter on June 30.

Sporting a subdued combo of brown trenchcoat, dark shirt and leather shoes, with grey tie and trousers, Cavill stood next to a set chair labeled "Clark," holding up a t-shirt in support of The 1664 Challenge, a charity expedition concluding in July.

Fan sites HenryCavillNews and HenryCavill.org were among those teasing signed shirt giveaways for fans of the actor.

The 5 phase charity challenge has seen various teams from the UK's Royal Marines undertake 1664 kilometers' worth of arctic skiing, European coastal sailing and continental cycling.

A 120km channel-crossing kayak paddle, and another 1664km event, a month-long UK-wide run, round out the trip, finishing with a moonlight marathon in London on July 24 and 25 for a total of 6656 km covered.

Cavill, who had appeared in a promotional video for the event published on May 26 (youtu.be/FZDB-C1aWKQ), is currently filming "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," having played the part of Superman in Bryan Singer's 2013 hit "Man of Steel."

Ben Affleck appears opposite him as Batman/Bruce Wayne, and the film is set for release on May 6, 2016, the same day as Marvel's third "Captain America" movie.