Heavy losses and poor supplies: Russians in Luhansk Oblast do not want to fight

The Russians participating in hostilities in the area of Pershotravneve in Luhansk Oblast want to leave their units and flee to Russia due to losses and delayed supplies.

Source: General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Quote: "Russian servicemen in the units of the occupiers’ motorised rifle regiment taking part in hostilities near Pershotravneve in Luhansk Oblast have a low level of morale and are in a poor psychological state."

Details: According to the General Staff, the main factors that negatively affect Russian soldiers are large losses in manpower during hostilities, untimely provision of ammunition and uncertainty regarding the timing of personnel replenishment of units that have suffered combat losses.

The General Staff notes that, in this regard, the number of those wishing to leave their units and flee the areas where hostilities are taking place for the Russian Federation is increasing.

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