You Haven't Seen Bathroom Floors Like This


In another case of hi-tech meeting home design, one intrepid DIY-er used fiber optics to give his bathroom floor a “Starry Night” makeover. Fiber optics allow light to be transmitted over a curved path. This unique characteristic makes it an invaluable asset to the medical industry, communications hardware, and now, to the DIY crowd! Don’t be intimidated by the idea of incorporating fiber optics into your renovation. While this project did take some flooring know-how, no expert level tech savvy is necessary to complete the look. The final effect gives the bathroom floor an ethereal aura that is a creative alternative to a plug-in night-light. If you are up for a night sky bathroom floor project, find the full instructions here. The renovations will admittedly be somewhat time consuming, so it may be better to leave it for a weekend or holiday task. Feeling inspired? Check out these other unique ideas to make a bathroom floor anything but boring.

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