‘Heated argument’ over Pop-Tarts ends in roommate beaten to death, Alabama police say

A man is accused of hitting his roommate with a pipe over an argument about Pop-Tarts, resulting in his death, Alabama police said.

Billy Joe Maynard, 63, sustained three broken ribs and a ruptured spleen in the incident, the Ozark Police Department said.

In the early hours of April 4, emergency medical personnel were called to a residence in southeast Alabama to take Maynard to the hospital, police said in an April 12 news release. Maynard told first responders he was injured in a recent incident involving a metal pipe, according to police.

He died at a hospital, and an autopsy showed his cause of death was blunt force trauma, officials said.

On April 11, investigators said they worked “tirelessly” to get in touch with the man’s roommate, 59-year-old Daryl Miley.

When they interviewed him, Miley told investigators he hit Maynard with a metal pipe in his abdomen “over a heated argument about an alleged Pop Tart theft,” police said.

Miley was arrested and booked in Dale County jail on a manslaughter charge, records show. His attorney information is not available in jail records.

Ozark is about an 85-mile drive southeast of Montgomery.

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