Heat Emergency Plan In Effect Tuesday Due To High Temperatures

GEORGETOWN, MD — The District of Columbia's heat emergency plan is in effect Tuesday. When the temperature or heat index in the District reaches 92 degrees, officials through the department of human services, Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency implement the heat emergency plan and activate cooling centers for residents to seek relief. Temperatures forecast for the rest of the week may trigger the plan later on.

Residents and visitors should take extra steps to beat the heat by staying in the shade or air-conditioning, drinking plenty of water and visiting a cooling center, D.C. officials noted. Periods of high heat and humidity can cause medical problems such as heat exhaustion and stroke.

Residents can type in an address on the 2020 cooling center map to identify cooling center locations closest to them, site addresses and hours of location. Select D.C. Recreation Centers, D.C. Public Libraries, D.C. Public Schools are open to the public and are places you can go to beat the heat.

Hot and humid conditions can cause medical problems such as heat exhaustion and stroke. If you or someone you know needs transportation to a cooling center, call the hyperthermia hotline at 202-399-7093.

Due to COVID-19, upon entry at cooling sites, residents will be given a mask that is required to be worn for the entire time at the cooling site. Individuals will be directed to an open seat that is marked off with tape to indicate required social distancing measures.

These conditions also can be particularly dangerous for pets. For all animal emergencies, including animals left outside in extreme temperatures or in vehicles, call the Humane Rescue Alliance at 202-576-6664.

D.C. Water and D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services officials remind the public that unauthorized use of fire hydrants is unlawful, dangerous and damaging.

This article originally appeared on the Georgetown Patch