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Are you ready for some summer lovin'? Read on, before you rev up for your next sweat-inducing session. Ayurvedic expert Yogi Cameron says a fiery romp might not do a body good during the summer months. Say what?

"Yes, I know. Why on earth would anyone tell you to cut down something that feels so good? Sex, like intense exercise and other rigorous activity, creates A LOT of heat in the body. Adding the intense heat of sex to the hot months of the summer means that any sort of excess heat showing up in the body will become even more problematic; this makes the body more fatigued and the mind more lethargic," reveals the yoga master.

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Yogi recommends cutting down on your sexual activity to half of what you usually do. "This will not only keep you cooler during the summer, but will help you to store up your energetic reserves as well. From here your energy level will skyrocket." But don't put out the romantic flame entirely, Yogi suggests couples put their energy into other activities that will bring them closer on a mental/spiritual level. So, instead of hitting the sheets, try hitting the yoga mat instead!

Yogi is spreading his wellness message to the masses with the launch of his new reality television series, "Yogi Cameron: A Model Guru" on the healthy living network, Veria Living. But, first, he shares with Healthy Hollywood a few more tips to optimal health during the hot summer months.

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Tip #1: Avoid ice cream and other cold stuff. Yup, avoid it. Frozen things like ice cream, iced tea, and those slushy/coffee drinks might feel refreshing and cooling going down, but they're actually having anything but a cooling effect. Frozen foods and cold drinks put your digestive fire out, which means it has to work overtime to build itself up again. All of this extra work adds to the heat in your body in general. Instead, drink room temperature water instead of ice water and stick to snacks that don't involve any sprinkles.

Tip #2: Avoid coffee and alcohol. Coffee and alcohol create a lot of heat in the body as well, and you'll keep your system in check by staying away from this stuff. It might be tough to watch everyone else drink a cold one around the campfire, but you'll be the one with balanced digestion in the morning.

Tip #3: Apply coconut oil and aloe vera gel to sunburns. Anyone who's been out in the summer sun for more than a few minutes knows how sensitive the skin is to burns. When this happens, squeeze the gel out of an aloe vera plant leaf and combine it with some coconut oil. Apply this to the affected area in a thin coat. This will offer you some cooling relief.

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