Healthy Hollywood: Wellness Wednesday - Eat Like A Star & Stay Energized During The Holidays!

Drew Barrymore arrives to the Nylon and Express' Denim Issue Party at The London Hotel in West Hollywood, California on August 10, 2010 -- Getty Images

I love the Holiday season - the parties, the decorations, and of course the food. But, let's get real - this time of the year is also an energy-zapper.

I'm not big on shopping and nothing drains me more than running around like a "mad woman" looking for gifts! Not to mention (as much as I love it) the endless commitments, the over-eating, taking care of my daughter and squeezing in the occasional workout. All this business can leave me sleeping on the couch by 8 PM.

What to do? Celebrity nutritionist & skincare expert Paula Simpson, who works with stars like Sandra Bullock, Drew Barrymore, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kellie Pickler, says the key to good energy is good nutrition.

"Late nights, early morning, deadlines to hit, this is the most important time to pay attention to what you eat (and when you eat it) to avoid those energy crashes and weight gain."

A candy bar might seem like an instant boost, but it will zap your energy an hour or two later. Instead, Paula, who is co-founder of GliSODin Skin Nutrients Professional Nutricosmetic line, suggests "looking for nutritionally balanced foods - complex carbs, plant proteins, healthy fats, antioxidants, and water packed foods."

Paula's Best Bets to Keep Energy Up:

1. Eat a High-Carb, High-Fiber Breakfast! Make a habit of eating a high-fiber, carbohydrate-rich breakfast, to start your day more focused and energized. A half-cup of high-fiber cereal can contain as much as 14 grams of fiber, and some high-fiber bread has 6 grams per slice. Aim for a total of 25 - 30 grams of fiber daily to best stabilize energy levels. Not a breakfast eater? Try a berry protein smoothie!

2. Smart Snacking! Look for whole grain crackers with nut butter (almond, peanut, or cashew). Or go for an all-natural protein/energy bar. Make sure they have between 10 - 15 grams of protein, 5 grams of fat, and 20 grams of carbs.

3. Eat a Handful of Almonds! Like all nuts, they are a great source of protein. They are high in fiber and vitamin E and almonds contain more calcium than any other nut. Their source of protein and fat helps to satisfy hunger and energy longer.

4. Choose Living Foods More Often! Living foods are alive, colorful, fresh, and raw. Plus, they don't contain artificial ingredients and they provide lots of vitamins and minerals. Plus, most veggies and fruit tend to contain more than half water - so they keep your body hydrated.

5. Try a Nutritional Supplement! If you can't get everything you need via food during these busy times, consider an antioxidant charged nutritional supplement for energy, clarity, and to help minimize the risk of holiday bulge.

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