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Healthy Hollywood gives major kudos to all moms (it's a selfless labor of love), but I am especially in awe of mothers who juggle a family, a hectic career and somehow manage to look stylish when they leave their house. And, I'm not referring to those well-manicured celebrity moms who have an army of help at their beck and call.

Healthy Hollywood recently caught up with a mega-successful mother of two Elisa Dahan. She's the co-founder of the fashion line, Mackage, which is known for its trendy outerwear. Eva Mendes, Blakely Lively and Britney Spears are all fans of her designs. The Montreal-born designer has worked hard to be a sought after name in the fashion biz.

Now, she has the added challenge of balancing her business and being a hands-on mom. "I began my career at 20 and starting having kids when I was 30. Having spent a decade building my career pre-family, meant that it was already an integral part of me and my life. Therefore I think It made it easier to achieve balance when my children entered into the world. Plus I love being busy, proving to myself that I can manage both (career and family) is a huge motivator," reveals Elisa to Healthy Hollywood.

Elisa recently had her second child. Despite her increasingly busy days, Elisa is proud she's never bought pre-made baby food, tries to always pick up her oldest son at school and still makes dinner for her husband. When she needs a must-needed pick-up, Elisa reveals her secret is, "Going out for a nice dinner with my husband, as it allows me to disconnect from it all and reconnect with my wonderful husband."

Elisa also relies on a few energizing snacks to keep her going all day. "Nutella is my favorite. I tell myself it Is a great source of calcium and it gives me my chocolate fix! I have a jar at home and one at the office. I also love to snack on fresh vegetables; cucumbers, celery, fennel - healthy snacks that you can eat as much as you want of and not feel guilty."

-- Terri MacLeod

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