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Run. Ride. Yoga. The perfect workout trio! Two of Healthy Hollywood's favorite New York City workout spots, "Soul Cycle" and "Pure Yoga" along with yoga gear giant, "Lululemon" have teamed up to host a mini-triathlon on March 24th. And, get this, it's a free event!

"We are very lucky to have such amazing athletes in our neighborhood and proud to have such great studios in a few blocks radius. It also just so happens, that we all share one common goal: to spread health and fitness," states Jennifer Aloisi, general manager of Pure Yoga.

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The New York City event, "PUREfy Your Soul," will have fitness folks start off with a run in "Central Park," followed by a "SoulCycle" spin class and finishing off with yoga. "Yoga is the perfect way to balance out the body after activities like running and cycling that tightens our muscles and impacts our joints," reveals Kay Kay Clivio, a lead teacher trainer at "Pure Yoga."

Kay Kay adds, "Yoga is a wonderful way to unwind the body after all high impact exercise. The yoga poses are medicine for tired muscles. Helping to reenergize, reorganize and revitalize our bodies and bring us back to a state of balance."

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Want to sign up, but don't live in New York City - no sweat. Why not gather up your fitness buddies and host your own mini-triathlon. It's a great way to get outdoors, be healthy and enjoy the warmer weather. "Once you have friends on board, plan to meet at a convenient location to start race. Creating custom t-shirts for the occasion always makes the event more festive and 'official,' shares "Pure Yoga" manager, Jennifer Aliosi. Start off with a 3-mile run, followed by a spin class (or bike ride) and finish up at your local yoga studio.

Just like all fitness adventures, you need to prepare. "Like any athletic event, rest, proper fuel and hydration are key! During the weeks leading up, cardio workouts to build endurance are crucial; think running, spinning, and boot camp classes! In order to keep the body and muscles healthy and thriving. Yoga and stretching are necessary as well. And with anything in life, it's mind over matter. On the big race day, staying positive and motivated makes the miles fly by," reveals Sarah Buchanan, studio manager at "SoulCycle."

Interested in "PUREfying Your Soul," sign up here!

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