Healthy Hollywood: Ryan Reynolds Beefs Up!

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Ryan Reynolds has been known to grab some fast food now and then --

Ryan Reynolds has spent most of his movie career chiseling a blockbuster body. But, that doesn't mean the "Green Lantern" star won't indulge in a grab 'n go treat - at least once in a while.

The action star was recently spotted leaving Burger King with a fire-grilled turkey sandwich in the bag. While some of us healthy food fanatics might be aghast at the thought of eating fast food - think again!

"We listen to our guests and want to provide them what we know they're looking for - great tasting on-the-go-options that are also nutritious. Leveraging our fire-grilling expertise, we aim to bring guests delicious new options like our Turkey Burger and Veggie Burger," states Eric Hirschhorn, VP of global innovation at Burger King.

With two days left to celebrate National Burger Month - now might be the time to bite into a juicy burger. Burgers are an iconic American food and the average American eats 43 of them every year.

For those of us, who prefer to hold the beef - there are turkey and veggie options. So, there's no reason not to celebrate the almighty burger this month or during summer's grilling season.

If you're taking a road trip and need to make a fast food stop; remember, the Whopper with cheese does pack close to 800 calories.

"Be smart with the choices you make - know that you can ask for your burger without mayo (or cheese) if you're looking to cut back on calories," advises Eric.

-- Terri MacLeod

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