Healthy Hollywood: Get Movin' Monday - Rosario Dawson Looks Fit n' Fabulous!

Rosario Dawson on the cover of Shape Magazine (August 2011) -- SHAPE Magazine

Talk about sizzling! Rosario Dawson has the enviable bikini curves any girl would be proud to flaunt at the beach. The "Zookeeper" actress shows off her fabulous body on the August cover of Shape magazine.

The 32-year-old actress makes exercise a priority.

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"Whether we're too busy or feeling overwhelmed, the first thing many of us give up is exercise," reveals Rosario to Shape, adding, "It's ironic, since that's often the one thing that can help us through difficult periods. It's meditative and calming to get your body in motion."

"But getting back in the saddle can be the hardest thing," says Rosario in Shape. The actress admits she's not a workout fiend, but the longtime yoga fan, reveals she recently got inspired to do Pilates. "After just a couple weeks, I noticed a physical change, especially in my posture. Now I stand differently." If Pilates leads to a body like Rosario's - sign me up!

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Rosario's 3 Favorite Exercises:

1. Yoga. Those long, lean arms of Dawson can be credited to regular yoga sessions that are a mix of power, flexibility, and core work.

2. Spin. There's nothing like a good Spin class to get your heart rate up and work those legs. Dawson loves to ride the Spin bike!

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3. Everything in moderation. It's so refreshing that Dawson isn't about just being a certain size - rather she's committed to health.

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