Healthy Hollywood: Fab Food Friday - Sofia Vergara's Plan For A Great Figure!

Sofia Vergara in Shape Magazine, March 2011 -- FilmMagic

Sofia Vergara's enviable curves stop men in their tracks (Sorry guys, her heart belongs to former politician Nick Loeb). Yet, the "Modern Family" bombshell wasn't always so voluptuous, the actress recalls for the March issue of Shape magazine, revealing that growing up she was "ridiculously skinny."

Now 38, Sofia is one of the most glamorous women in Hollywood. The actress tells Shape, she's not afraid to eat her cake and love it too. "Vanilla cake, angel food cake, chocolate cake. For me and my son, buying cake at the grocery store is like buying milk. We always have it in the house."

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The 5' 7" Sofia reveals her ideal weight is 125 pounds, but she does give herself a little wiggle room. "I always allow myself a window of three to five pounds when I'm not working. Right now, I'm at 130 because I'm still on holiday."

To drop any extra pounds Sofia goes on a two-week meal plan, which is delivered to her home. "But I can't do it for more than two weeks because one, I don't have the will power, and two, I don't ever want to get super skinny," Sofia tells Shape. "I think when women reach a certain age, they look better with a little fat in their face. I'm lucky I'm Latin because people expect me to be a bit more plump."

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Two years shy of the big "4-0," Sofia realizes she has to exercise more in order to keep up her fabulous physique. When asked her favorite workout, the actress makes the "ugh" face and admits she hates it - but knows she has to do it anyways to maintain her figure!

"When I can, I try to do Latin dancing for exercise because it's so much fun and I just love the music," she explains.

Sofia has also recently discovered a cardio toning/strength-training program, which she does a couple times a week. "I don't mind it because it's pretty easy and I don't have to sweat too much." Got to love the honesty!

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Just like some of us regular gals who aren't crazy about exercise, Sofia says the hardest part for her is just getting to the gym - but once there, she always feels better. "I psychologically fool myself into believing it's part of my job. And then, of course, once I'm done, I'm really glad I did it because I feel so good."

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