Head of Pentagon calls on Ukraine's allies to supply as much air defence as possible before winter

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Lloyd Austin, Secretary of Defence of the US, has stressed the importance of air defence means for Ukraine, especially before winter season, after the meeting of the Contact Group for the Defence of Ukraine (Ramstein format).

Source: Austin stated this at the press-conference following the results of the Ramstein meeting, as reported by European Pravda

Austing highlighted the importance of air defence systems which the US jointly with allies have supplied Ukraine with – Patriot, Hawk, IRIST, NASAMS and Gepard systems.

"So, air defense will continue to be Ukraine’s greatest need, to protect its skies, its civilians and its cities, as well as innocent people far away from the battlefield," Austin added, saying that last year Russia tried to use "cold and darkness" in order to break Ukraine’s resistance.

Austin called ground air defence systems "one of Ukraine’s biggest success stories" which allowed it to partially protect its critical infrastructure and regulate the grain export.

"So at today’s meeting I urged allies and partners to dig deep and donate whatever air defense munitions they can as Ukraine heads into another winter of war," he said.

Earlier on 19 September, Austin also stated that Ukraine will receive the first batch of M1 Abrams tanks from the US soon.

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