HBO exec: Don’t expect a la carte programming any time soon

Zach Epstein

HBO A La Carte Programming
HBO A La Carte Programming

HBO excited subscribers on Tuesday when it announced during the D: Dive Into Media conference that its HBO GO and MAX GO iOS apps were updated with AirPlay support. The news meant iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users could finally stream content from their devices to Apple TV boxes connected to a television set. Following the announcement, AllThingsD pressed further to determine if the news meant that we might soon see true Apple TV support, or even an a la carte programming option.

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“Our long-term plan for Go is to be across all devices, and effective today, we will be enabling AirPlay,” HBO President and COO Eric Kessler told AllThingsD, noting that the company indeed plans to support Apple TV “at some point.”

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Regarding an a la carte option, however, the executive didn’t have good news to share.

“Is there a broadband segment that wants HBO? Yes, of course,” Kessler said. “But when you look at penetration rates, at disconnect rates, at infrastructure and marketing costs, the economics are just not particularly compelling”

Kessler added that the situation may change at some point in the future, but he doesn’t see it happening anytime soon.

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