Hawley Book Picked Up By Regnery Publishing after Being Dropped by Simon & Schuster

Conservative publishing house Regnery Publishing announced Monday that it has picked up Senator Josh Hawley’s upcoming book The Tyranny of Big Tech after it was dropped by Simon & Schuster following the rioting at the Capitol earlier this month.

Hawley (R., Mo.) came out as the first senator to support an effort to object to the Electoral College results and was later accused of helping to incite the mob of pro-Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol on January 6 as the vote count took place.

“As a publisher it will always be our mission to amplify a variety of voices and viewpoints: At the same time we take seriously our larger public responsibility as citizens, and cannot support Senator Hawley after his role in what became a dangerous threat,” said Simon & Schuster, which announced it would no longer publish Hawley’s book one day after the unrest.

Thomas Spence, Regnery’s president and publisher, said the publishing house is proud to stand with the Missouri Republican and accused Simon & Schuster of making Hawley a victim of cancel culture.

In a column published in the Wall Street Journal, Spence called Simon & Schuster’s decision an example of blacklisting.

“We’re proud to publish Mr. Hawley’s book, which his original publisher has made more important than ever,” he wrote. “We don’t have to agree with everything—or anything—Mr. Hawley does. We ask only if his book is well-crafted and has something true and worthwhile to say. The answer is yes.”

“Reasonable people can disagree whether [Hawley’s] act was noble or cynical, courageous or rash, but no one can reasonably argue that he intended to incite that afternoon’s invasion of the Capitol by a lawless mob,” he added.

Hawley has previously called Simon & Schuster’s decision “Orwellian.”

“Simon & Schuster is canceling my contract because I was representing my constituents, leading a debate on the Senate floor on voter integrity, which they have now decided to redefine as sedition,” he said.

The Tyranny of Big Tech is scheduled to be published this spring, Regnery said.

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