Hawaii gov submits $12.4 billion budget request

HONOLULU (AP) -- Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie has submitted his two-year budget to the state legislature for consideration.

The governor is requesting $6.1 billion for fiscal year 2014 and $6.3 billion for fiscal year 2015, making a total of $12.4 requested in general funds for 2013-2015.

Abercrombie says the budget represents an investment in information technology, early education and health initiatives to address the islands' aging population. He also says for the first time the budget seriously addresses the state's long-term liabilities associated with employee and retiree health benefits. The budget also would restore the 5 percent reduction in state employee wages that was implemented because of the recession.

The administration also is requesting $1.7 billion for capital improvement projects for fiscal year 2014 and $906 million for FY 2015.