‘Hateful and senseless act’: New Manteca cricket pitch was vandalized, covered in dog feces, city officials say

(FOX40.COM) — Manteca officials said city employees dealt with a “disgusting mess” cleaning up a new cricket pitch that was covered in dog feces.

On Tuesday night, city officials called the act of vandalism as a “hateful and senseless act,” which took place one day after the city’s annual volunteer Love Manteca event. 

Love Manteca is an annual volunteer event that dedicates a day to various projects in the city.

“It is disheartening to think that someone would target a public space meant for enjoyment and recreation in such a disrespectful manner just hours after an event that was meant to bring our community together in a spirit of unity and positivity,” city officials said on Facebook. “It is truly disheartening to see that there are still individuals who choose to spread hate and division.”

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The cricket pitch was recently installed at a local park and was not funded by general city funds, but by grants aimed to bring amenities to the community.

“It is disheartening to see that now, city employees must take time out of their already busy schedules to clean up the mess left behind by this act of vandalism,” city officials said.

City officials are urging the public to come forward if they have any information regarding the vandalism.

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