‘Hateful’: Critics Rip Tucker Carlson’s Response To LGBTQ Nightclub Shooting

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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Monday said “violence and cruelty should always horrify us every single time” following the mass shooting at the LGBTQ Club Q in Colorado Springs over the weekend.

But Carlson’s commentary rang hollow for many people online, who pointed out the anti-LGBTQ rhetoric he routinely peddles to the millions of viewers of his prime-time show.

Opening the program with a segment about the five people killed and 25 injured in the shooting, Carlson earnestly said such incidents never stop “being horrifying” no matter “how many times you’ve seen it.”

“Violence and cruelty should always horrify us every single time,” he continued. “When we start to become cynical about the deaths of other human beings, we have lost something essential to our humanity. Unfortunately, you’re seeing that.”

Critics were quick to remind Carlson of his previous commentary: