It's Hard to Write About Pregnant Kate Middleton Photos When You Can't Print the Photos

Alexander Abad-Santos

The Italian magazine Chi, (owned by Silvio Berlusconi) has angered the royal family by publishing photos of a pregnant, bikini-clad Kate Middleton on vacation. Of course, the British tabloids are eating this up, but there's one small problem: the British media have all promised not to run the photos they know everyone wants to see. As The Los Angeles Times's Nardine Saad reports, we're still waiting to hear if the Royal Family is going to pursue legal action, or if they're going to warn tabloids not to publish the pictures like they did with Prince Harry's naked romp in Vegas. It's giving the British media fits. On Wednesday, British television show This Morning had to seriously apologize for not pixelating the Kate pictures that they were reporting on. 

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 So how are those tabloids running stories about pictures which they can't publish?  

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The Mirror gave us everything but the girl:

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The Sun employed an MS-Paint-like color blocking on the cover, and running an image of a not-so-happy Kate next to it:

And so did The Daily Mail who covered up the entire photo, but promises it's there:

The Daily Star gave us Middleton Anguish, but no bikini:

It all seems sort of silly—reading a story about pictures that you're not allowed to see from a publication that isn't allowed to print said pictures you're not allowed but want to see—especially in the United States when public figure privacy is basically nonexistent (ahem, Jodie Foster). Meanwhile, in the U.S., even the non-controversial USA Today is running the unedited Chi cover.

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