Hard-Working Alleged Drug Dealer Sold Heroin From Her ICU Bed

Sara Morrison
The Atlantic Wire
Hard-Working Alleged Drug Dealer Sold Heroin From Her ICU Bed

Most of us would probably take a few days off from work if we were in a hospital's intensive care unit, but not Lori Sullenberger! The 38-year-old workaholic was charged today with possessing and intending to sell heroin from her hospital bed.

The reason why Sullenberger was in Pennsylvania hospital's ICU has not been disclosed, but according to a hospital spokesperson, staff noticed "an exorbitant amount of foot traffic happening to a patient's room" and that visitors (who often didn't even know Sullenberger's last name) only stayed for a few minutes, rather than the longer stays you might expect from friends and family. Also, as WTAE pointed out, Sullenberg had several cell phones and they rang all the time.

Police then sent someone in to buy drugs from the dedicated businesswoman, and he was able to procure 30 bags of heroin. In a search of Sullenberger's room -- which, I remind you, is in the ICU of a hospital -- police found 380 more dime bags, a few syringes and $1,420.

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As WTAE points out, this isn't Sullenberger's first brush with the law. She's currently awaiting a plea hearing for selling clean urine for drug tests. She's also still in the hospital. Her boyfriend and another man are facing misdemeanor charges as well.


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