Happy Little Resue teams up with Paws N Pilot & Rez Roads

In Grand Junction, the Happy Little Rescue stands out for its exceptional dedication to pet care. Over the past fortnight, they've rescued 33 dogs from crowded shelters in Texas, New Mexico, and Res Roads Rescue near Tawoc, then brought them to Grand Junction to find forever homes. "We communicate with other rescues when they reach capacity or undertake significant rescue missions, easing the burden," said Dyer Volunteer pilots from Pilots and Paws transport these pups via their private planes from various regions, each with its unique backstory. "We receive dogs from diverse backgrounds, ranging from small to large, from super Mutts to purebreds, and from various situations," explained Dyer. For instance, 5-month-old German Shepherd brothers, Justin and Jinx, were welcomed when Pilot Steve Meyer landed at the Grand Junction Airport Despite being a noble cause, like any organization, we've faced challenges," said Dyer “Time constraints and weather-related issues often cause delays." Volunteer pilots like Meyer and Karl Wolff find joy in flying, especially when it serves a noble cause. "Volunteers like Karl are passionate animal lovers, utilizing their hobby to save lives." said Dyer. Fortunately, the rescue doesn't bear the financial burden of private flights, as most pilots generously volunteer their time and resources. For those unable to adopt, the rescue offers a unique solution - renting a rescue. This allows individuals to take a dog for a hike or even overnight, akin to borrowing a library book. Dyer and her team are determined to find homes and save lives. The 33 rescued dogs are in need of forever families. If you have room in your heart and home, visit WesternSlopeNow.com to learn more.