Happy Birthday Pac-Man: Celebrate With 20 8-Bit Accessories

Amy-Mae Elliott

1. Pac-Man Alarm Clock

This clock will wake you with authentic arcade sounds. Cost: $22.99

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On this day in 1980, when galactic shoot-em-up Space Invaders was all the rage, Japanese video game developer Namco released Pakkuman, a maze-based arcade game inspired by, er, eating.

As lackluster as it sounds, this was a notable release. The game was Pac-Man, and is now considered one of the most influential video games of the 1980s, if not of all-time.

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To mark the milestone, we've rustled up a collection of accessories that feature the instantly recognizable, and let's face it, pretty adorable characters from the title.

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Celebrate this anniversary with us by taking a look through our hand-picked selection of goodies. Let us know in the comments below ones you'd spend your arcade quarters on.

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