Hannity slams Scarborough for criticizing Trump aide

Fox News host Sean Hannity fired off a series of tweets ripping MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough after the “Morning Joe” host went after one of President Trump’s top aides.

Trump praised Stephen Miller after the White House policy adviser’s whirlwind morning of representing the president on the Sunday political talk show circuit.

But Scarborough didn’t think Miller did so well.

“I hope the president is talking about The Steve Miller Band and not that kid who embarrassed the White House this morning,” Scarborough tweeted Sunday night. “#SweatsLikeMarco.”

A combative Miller appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” “Fox News Sunday,” ABC’s “This Week” and CBS’s “Face the Nation.” On “This Week,” Miller repeated Trump’s baseless claims of voter fraud, including an allegation that thousands of people were bused from Massachusetts to New Hampshire to cast illegal votes in the Granite State.

“Miller was awful on every level,” Scarborough continued. “When I hear the White House praising him, they sound like they’re living in an alternative universe.”

Scarborough’s co-host, Mika Brzezinski, agreed.

“The Steven Miller interviews this morning on all the Sunday shows were frightening!” Brzezinski tweeted. “Sorry Mr. President. No. A really bad sign.”

“If the WH thinks that is a person they want to put out front-it’s beyond sad for our country,” Brzezinski continued. “First KellyAnne now this … embarrassed for USA.”

In response, Hannity, an outspoken Trump supporter, fired off a series of late-night tweets slamming Scarborough and Brzezinski.

“Joe why don’t you focus on getting your horrific ratings up,” Hannity wrote. “They totally suck. And I’ll take Steve Miller on my team over u any day.”

Hannity followed with a cryptic tweet: “Joe maybe it’s time we start talking about who you really are. What do you think?”

Scarborough, a former Republican congressman, has been one of Trump’s few defenders on the NBC-owned cable news network and had been lobbying Trump for an interview during the transition. But he has also used his platform to criticize the White House.

In a Twitter spat last month, Hannity also blasted Scarborough for his “pathetically low ratings” and accused him of trying to get a job at Fox.

“Steve Miller works 18 hour days serving the country and the @POTUS,” Hannity added. “What do you do? Basically talk to yourself & @morningmika Nobody watches!”

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