Hannah Simone Spills a Few Deets on Taylor Swift and the 'New Girl' Finale

Hannah Simone as Cece in "New Girl."

It turns out that one of TV's best BFFs is pretty darned awesome in real life too. And, like any good girlfriend, she's game for a little gab session.

We caught up with "New Girl" star Hannah Simone to hear about her partnership with Gillette's ProGlide Styler "What Women Want" campaign and managed to get her to spill a few juicy details about the hit Fox show's season finale, set to air May 14. And seeing as we won't be getting another new episode until April 30, we thought we'd fill the void this week and share them now.

When last we heard from the lovely Cece, wedding invitations had been sent out for her traditional Indian nuptials to Shivrang (Satya Bhabha) in just three weeks. Fast-forward three episodes, and -- you guessed it -- we're spending the show's second season finale at her wedding. With Taylor Swift.

Wait -- what?!

In case you hadn't heard, the country cutie will be an important guest, named Elaine, at the wedding.

"She plays a very interesting part in what goes down," Simone told Yahoo! TV. "So many weird, wild, bizarre things happen in our finale. It was so much fun to shoot. So many unexpected things happen."

Still, Simone wouldn't let slip whether Elaine was showing up at the ceremony to see the bride or the groom, despite previous reports that she's Sivrang's ex-girlfriend.

"I don't know where she snuck into, onto which side," she said. "With what she does, to be honest with you, it doesn't really matter. And you'll see why."

While Simone described Swift as "so funny and kind and sweet" and said they all had "a great time with her," the 32-year-old Canadian actress couldn't help but gush about her wedding attire, even though she couldn't tell us if it was a sari, traditional gown, or otherwise.

"It was one of the most incredible, fun fittings that I've ever had," she said. "We went and tried on all the different dresses. It was fabulous!"

As for Nick and Jess -- the will they?/won't they? couple who are looking more and more like they will -- Simone stands by the choice to bring the roommates together in Season 2, rather than wait for the sake of the series' longevity, as has been done on television so many times in the past.

"When you have that kind of chemistry and you live together, something would happen by now," she said. "I like that [Elizabeth Meriwether, the show's creator] keeps it honest and keeps it real… They don't keep you hanging on for the sake of it. Whatever feels right, she stays true to it."

So between now and the finale, will we see Cece advise Jess regarding Nick in one direction or the other?

"I don't know that the advice Cece would give is 'Don't hook up with your roommate.' I think Cece is doing a lot of growing up, and she's trying to be honest with herself," Simone said. "I feel like, if that's what Jess felt was right, then go for it. Cece and Jess have a love for each other that's whatever you do, I stand by you."

"New Girl" airs Tuesdays at 9 PM ET on Fox.

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