Hamden highway superintendent resigns

Mar. 12—The town of Hamden is in search of a new highway superintendent.

During the March 6 town board meeting, Greg Reynolds, who was elected as the town's highway superintendent in November, submitted a letter of resignation to the board, Hamden Town Supervisor Wayne Marshfield said.

Reynolds was appointed highway superintendent last September. Marshfield said his last day at work will be March 14.

Mike Reynolds, who is the town's deputy highway superintendent, will continue in that role, Marshfield said.

"I have a prospect in mind," he said of a potential new superintendent. "We're in talks."

The town of Hamden is working with its attorney to change its local law to allow highway superintendents and deputy superintendents to live outside of the town, Marshfield said. State law requires highway superintendents and deputy superintendents to reside in the town where they work. "We only have one highway employee that lives in the town," he said. If the town needed to appoint one of them to be superintendent or deputy superintendent, it would need the law to be in place.

Marshfield said Greg Reynolds "was doing a decent job," but decided being highway superintendent "wasn't his cup of tea."

The person selected would become the fourth highway superintendent in the town in the past eight months. Former highway superintendent Scott Lenci resigned July 24, 2023. He was replaced by former highway superintendent Roger Dibble until Greg Reynolds was appointed.