Hamburg zoo excited by newborn polar bear

STORY: The zoo in Hamburg, Tierpark Hagenbeck, called it a "minor sensation” when on December 19 last year the first polar bear cub since 2002 was born at the northern German animal park.

The offspring in the second generation was an enormous breeding success and proof that breeding efforts for this endangered species at the zoo are paying off, said Guido Westhoff, Zoological Director at Tierpark Hagenbeck, in a statement.

The last polar bear cub born at Hagenbeck was Victoria herself. Now the 21-year-old polar bear lady has become a mother for the first time and has been caring for her newborn.

Through a camera that monitors the birthing den, keepers and veterinarians can closely monitor the behavior of mother and cub. The young polar bear so far seems healthy, lively and alert, the zoo said.