'Halo 4' Spoof Gives New Weapon to Master Chief: Dance Moves

Brian Anthony Hernandez

Who knew Halo's Master Chief could boogie? A new Halo 4 parody gives the game series' protagonist a new weapon in his heavy arsenal: choreographed dance moves.

Parodying English-Irish boy band The Wanted's "Glad You Came," The Warp Zone guys in the video express their appreciation (with rewritten lyrics) for Master Chief's timely arrival. Then, BAM, dance party!

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Halo 4 hits stores Nov. 6. Its soundtrack recently debuted on the Billboard 200, becoming the first video game soundtrack to reach the top 50 on the weekly albums chart.

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Look for our gaming reporter Chelsea Stark's review of Halo 4 Monday but, for now, peep these screenshots:

War Games: Capture the Flag

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